You better get ready for Ron Beatty! This emerging MC has all the right equations that can add up to a long career in this fickle world of hip-hop. Ron Beatty is product of New Bern, NC, but is currently making is way in the Atlanta rap scene. And with the release of his new record "Please Don't Leave", he is definitely being heard and seen. So pull out a #2 pencil and paper to take notes as Ron Beatty breaks down the math behind his music.

The Source - RON BEATTY

Emerging from New Bern, a small city nestled in Eastern North Carolina, is Ron Beatty; a southern rapper who shares the same mentors as Roc Nation’s Grammy Award Nominated Artist, J. Cole.  On “Heard About Me” he reflects on difficult family issues and his come up in the game.  The song is from Ron Beatty’s forthcoming project, Manifest Destiny.

Ron Beatty Interview W/ Digitaldjpool

When we asked him about authenticity in Hip-Hop, he passionately explained:

"I shoot videos in a Crown Victoria that I really drive. I go where I want, I do what I want, I live how I want. So I’m cool. [...] Everybody who raps seems to be living in this 1% of people who have all this money; and I know it’s not true.